Mobil Lubricants

In partnership with Ampol and ExxonMobil, we bring Mobil’s world-class lubricant brands and technology to our customers.

Campbell Petroleum stocks an extensive range of Mobil lubricants in all our depot locations, ready for immediate delivery. Mobil has over 100 years of experience in supplying quality products, including the Mobil Delvac range of diesel engine oils and the Mobil Super and Mobil 1 range of petrol engine oils.

Campbell Petroleum Distributors Lubricants

We also offer our own limited range of value-for-money lubricants. 

Campbell Petroleum Distributors Chain & Bar Oil is blended using high-quality base stocks and selected additives to ensure optimum performance and long life lubrication of chains and their sprockets.
It exhibits excellent chain link penetration and contains tackifiers to resist “throw-off,” ensuring that a continuous lubricating film is maintained on the chain mechanisms, thereby ensuring maximum benefit from the anti-wear and anti-corrosion additive package. It is ideally suited for manual application or units fitted with automatic oilers.

Chain & Bar Oil SDS
Chain & Bar Oil PDS

Campbell Petroleum Distributors Hydraulic Oils HVI are premium hydraulic fluids formulated to handle extremes of operating temperatures, pressures, power densities and fluid flow rates. These oils provide unique, long-life operating service characteristics by a combination of anti-wear, detergent and very shear stable viscosity-improving additives with proven rust, oxidation, corrosion and foam inhibitors. Campbell Petroleum Distributors Hydraulic Oils HVI ensures excellent filterability with hydrolytic and demulsibility stability.

Hydraulic Oil HVI 32 SDS
Hydraulic Oil HVI 46 SDS
Hydraulic Oil HVI 68 SDS
Hydraulic Oil HVI 32,46, 68 PDS

Campbell Petroleum Distributors Hydraulic Oils Zinc Free are ashless, zinc-free, anti-wear hydraulic oils blended from high-quality mineral oils possessing a high viscosity index and low pour point in combination with an ashless, multi-functional oxidation, rust and wear inhibiting additive package. These oils ensure a long, trouble-free service life and will be chemically stable under severe operating conditions. They provide excellent protection against corrosion, resist emulsification and the formation of unwanted stable foam.

Hydraulic Oil Zinc Free 46 SDS
Hydraulic Oil Zinc Free 68 SDS
Hydraulic Oil Zinc Free 46, 68 PDS

Premium Truck Wash is a superior water-based, heavy-duty solvent-free detergent concentrate for cleaning soiled vehicles and equipment without damaging the paintwork. Product emulsifies instantly to remove grime, dirt, oil films and insects.

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Adblue is a Diesel exhaust fluid that ensures optimal performance and reliability of your Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.  Available at the pump or in convenient 10L packs at selected locations.  This urea-based technology has been adopted by vehicle manufacturers to help meet the latest European requirements on diesel engine emissions.

Adblue MSDS

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